About the CCSC:

Membership Oath – I hereby state that my reason for membership in the Clark County Saddle Club is to be active in furthering horsemanship sports and to enter into social activities with fellow members. I further state that as a member I will not use the Club to promote personal commercial gain. I will not sue the Clark County Saddle Club or its representatives for an accident, injuries, damages or grievances that occur at the Clark County Saddle Club, or because of the Clark County Saddle Club, its representatives, or anyone that is attending at the facilities.


Please note that the dues information below is for members already voted into the club.  For additional information on becoming a club member, please check the Become a Member page.

Active: $150
Any individual 18 years and older who has been accepted into the club as other than a social or minor member.

Social: $50
Social members do have voting however they may not ride or use the arenas.

Minor: $36
Dependent children of an adult member. Minors are under 18 years of ages or under 26 years of age if classified as a student. Minor members do not have voting privileges.

Half-Paying Senior: $75
Persons joining the club who are not 62 by Jan. 1 of the year applying for membership pay half-membership dues at age 62 until a ten-year membership is accumulated.

Lifetime Senior: FREE
To be eligible for free lifetime membership one must be a current member in good standing with ten consecutive years of membership and be age 62 by Jan. 1 of year applying for free membership.