Steps to becoming a New CCSC member: (renewals see below )

1) Download the Application and fill it out (both pages).   APPLICATION

2) Fill out the application and list 3 adult active or social members of the CCSC as sponsors. If you don't know anyone, you can introduce yourself to some of the members already there for the meeting and generally someone will be happy to sponsor your membership.

3)  Attend the General Meeting held in the Clubhouse on the 1st Friday of the month. Please try to be there early (6:45 p.m.) so you can get your application turned in prior to the start of the meeting at 7:00pm  The membership secretaries located inside the meeting room will be happy to assist you.  (Only with prior approval from the Membership Secretary can applications be submitted at a Board of Directors meeting.  Please contact the Secretary PRIOR to attending a Board Meeting to apply).

4) Provide a check/cash for the initiation fee and dues. The initiation fee is $150/adult applicant. Yearly prorated dues are also to be paid at this time. Initiation and dues are refunded if an applicant is not voted into the club. Initiation and dues are not transferable from one applicant to another applicant. Riding privileges are only granted with Paid in Full Memberships.

5) You will be asked to give a brief introduction and state your reason for wanting to join the club. This is called your 1st reading and will happen during the membership portion of the meeting. At least one of your sponsors must be present at this meeting.

6) At least one of your sponsor MUST attend the next meeting to speak for you (this is your 2nd reading). You, the prospective member are requested NOT to attend the meeting. 

7) Download and read the CCSC By Laws -- this will give you all the info you ever wanted to know about the club; procedures, election of officers and general information.  By - Laws

7) Get involved! After you've been accepted into the club, be sure to attend the general meetings, take part in the other activities planned throughout each month, or volunteer to help with maintenance.

If you have questions about membership, contact Erin O'Shaughnessy at 360-546-2424 or email

Renewals -

CCSC Memberships are renewed each year payable January 1.  Dues are deliquent if not paid by the March General Membership meeting.  Members who fail to renew by this deadline must re-apply and pay their initiation fee again. 

Membership Oath: Click to Open