The Clark County Saddle Club Board of Directors (CCSC-BOD) offers the rental of the Saddle Club grounds and facilities on a case by case basis as determined by the BOD to further our goals.  Our responsibility is first to our Club Members and when it can be found to be in the benefit of the public and the members then we are happy to make the facility available for outside events.
Clubhouse Only
1. Contact the Club Rental Representative
2. Fill out Rental Agreement and tender deposits and rents
Cost: $375
Cleaning & Security Deposit: $500
Non-refundable Booking Fee: $50
INSURANCE: you must have an insurance binder
Rental Agreement
Arenas or Entire Grounds
1.  Contact the Club Rental Representative
2.  Fill out Application and tender Booking Deposit to hold date during review process.
3.  Application will be reviewed at the next CCSC Board of Directors Meeting which is the 3rd Monday of each month.
4.  Application will be Approved or Denied
5.  If approved Agreement (Contract) will be filled out and all monies tendered.